Spring 2012

Cover Art: Madara Mason

Front: Transformation of the Pheonix , 24" x 36", Oil on Board

Back: Besa de Maya, 78" x 30", Acrylic on Recycled Door



Meggie Monahan — Need

Ansel Elkins — The River’s Wife

John Stanford Owen — Devil’s Drop

Jehanne Dubrow — Her Right Ankle / Story

Jessica Lakritz — An Incomplete List of Everything

Joshua Ware — Impossible Motel / Impossible Motel

Cynthia Cruz — Atlas of the Molecular Kingdom of Girl Orphans

Oliver de la Paz — Labyrinth 6 / Labyrinth 7

Evan Beaty — Dreamless in the Tracks

Jacques J. Rancourt — Atone / Intercession

Lisa Fay Coutley — Patientia

Brynn Saito — Shape of Fire

Roger Reeves — After Love / Cross Country / My Uncle Breathes Best in a Dress Along the Highway

Travis Cebula — from Impossible Futures

Shana Wolstein — Dear Mother

Kristina Marie Darling — Aviary / Soirée (III)

Jill Bergkamp — How to Fall in Love

Paige Ackerson-Kiely — Ars Poetica

Leon Weinmann — Lethe / To His Soon-to-Be Ex-Wife, Imagined as a Meadow



Marc Watkins — Handsome Pair of Sunday Walkers

Josh Denslow — Too Late for a Lot of Things

Branden Boyer White — Ready, Aim

Stephanie Marker — Waiting

Claire Burgess — Upper Middle Class Houses



Timothy Hedges — Fire When Ready

David Harold — Sleepless

Aubrey Hirsch — Other Aubreys I Have Known



Julianne Werlin — Demons by Other Means



Timothy Shea — Pure narrative is like crabgrass: Rodney Jones on the Sectioned Poem


Recommended Books

"The Ordinary Miraculous Poetry of Jack Myers"

by Richard Jackson


The Great Frustration

Seth Fried

Reviewed by Brandon Davis Jennings



Editor: Emily J. Stinson

Managing Editors: Scott M. Bade and Elizabyth A. Hiscox

Layout Editor: Emily J. Stinson

Drama Editor: Mickey Moses

Nonfiction Editor: Elissa Cahn

Poetry Editors: Traci Brimhall and Krystal Howard

Fiction Editors: Brandon Davis Jennings and Andy Wickenden

Spring 2012 Back Cover

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