Congratulations to our 2012 Gordon Prize-winner, CJ Hauser. Her debut novel, The From-Aways, is forthcoming in May from William Morrow.  


2014 Contests in Fiction & Poetry

The 2014 Third Coast Contests in Fiction and Poetry are now closed. Please check back in April for the announcement of the winners. 

Ramona Ausubel will judge the Jaimy Gordon Prize in Fiction, and
Cathy Park Hong will judge the Third Coast Poetry Prize. 

Winners will each receive $1,000 and publication in the Fall 2014 issue of Third Coast.  



2013 Contest Results

 Antonya Nelson chose Elizabeth Ames Staudt's "Vivisection" for the Jaimy Gordon Prize in Fiction, and Jane Hirshfield selected Jenny Molberg's "Narrative" as the winner of the Poetry Prize. Jane Hirshfield also selected Jude Nutter's "Still Life with Full Moon and Ibis" as an honorable mention. Read on for the full list of finalists.

Thanks again to all who submitted for allowing us to read your excellent work!

Fiction Finalists:

Miriam Cohen, "Recess Brides"
Tiffany Debicka, "Shape But No Definition"
Courtney Fowler, "Gold Rush Resort: Summer 1997"
Charles Green, "The Shabbiness Factory"
Nicole Haroutunian, "When the Smoke Clears"
Annabelle Larsen, "Urban Guerrillas"
Elizabeth Ames Staudt, "Vivisection"
Katherine Van Dis, "A Clear Night"

Poetry Finalists:

Jenny Molberg: "Narrative" & "A Nocturne"
Chelsea Jennings: "Heirloom"
Jesse Nissim: "Story" & Fire"
Dawn Teft: "Winterhospital"
Bruce Bond: "The Web"
Benjamin Goldberg: "Salvation Army" & "Mavin's Marvelous Mechanical Museum"
Victoria Lynne McCoy: "Self-Portrait as Odysseus"
Jude Nutter: "Legerdemain," "Still Life with Full Moon and Ibis" and "A Minor Incident..."