Spring 2011

Cover Art: Debbie Angell

Front: Dalliance in Blue, 24”x36,” Mixed Media on Canvas

Back: Patterns--Three Verses, 12”x36,” Mixed Media on Canvas

About the Artist: Debbie Angell is a former graphic artist who has lived and worked in Spain, Germany, Hawaii, and the Pacific Northwest. With a degree in Art History, she began exhibiting her work while living in Europe. Her paintings have been sold in designer showrooms and galleries and can be found in private and corporate collections worldwide. Angell currently resides is Western Michigan, where she lives on a lake and paints from her home studio. More information can be found at: http://www.angellart.com.


Tanya Jarrett—What We Say to the Tree

David Welch—Reverse Ghazal

Nicholas Samaras—The Rite

Susan Briante—Other Denver Economies ׀ May 14-The Dow Closes Down 10620

John Rybicki—I Flew Out to You through Bone Timber 

Rebecca Dunham—Pill ׀ A Frightful Release  

Mark Wagenaar—Bat Hour Gospel in Charlottesville

Jan Beatty—Shrink

Katrina Vandenberg—Mirror Palace

David Petruzelli—As I Lay Dying, Jean Harlow Crossed the Street to Comfort Me

Traci Brimhall—Dirge for the Idol

Elena Karina Byrne—Proust's Captive

Rob Schlegel—Approaching Larry Rivers ׀ Approaching Upstate

Jaswinder Bolina—Portrait of the Minor Character

Adam Day—The Good Winter

Gregory Lawless—On the Revolutions of the Heavenly Spheres

Malinda Markham—Sword Lozenge ׀ from Drawings for Pleasure, 1874


Melissa Palladino—Red Dust

Ron Ost—Decoy

L. Annette Binder—Galatea

Rav Grewal Kök—Strangers

Peter Rawlings—Two Mustaches

Nick White—Cottonmouth, Trapjaw, Water Moccasin

Fred Russell—At the Fourth Annual Sharm el-Sheikh Freedom Fighters Convention


Jake Wolff—Failing at an Incredible Pace

Rebecca Balcarcel—How to Fall

David Macey—Digging Up the Dead

Deborah Joy Corey—Pony


Gregory Hischak—Hygiene


Jason Skipper—Craft Talk with Steve Almond



Michael Davis

Reviewed by Kelly Daniels

The Alchemist's Kitchen

Susan Rich

Reviewed by Laura Donnelly

In Envy Country

Joan Frank

Reviewed by Katie Burpo

Swallowing the Soap: New and Selected Poems

William Kloefkorn

Reviewed by Amy Newday

How They Were Found

Matt Bell

Reviewed by Dustin M. Hoffman


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