Fall 2011

Cover Art: Sy Ellens

Front: Two Paths, 19" x 13", Acrylic on Watercolor Paper

Back:  Penetrating Sun, 24" x 48", Acrylic on Canvas


Jordan Sullivan — Wuss

Hugh Martin — Sunday Morning after Patrol in the Combat Housing Unit

Nick Fox — The Exile

Sarah Elizabeth Schantz — The Sound of Crying Sheep

Jeremy T. Wilson — Trash Days


Bruce Bond — Water Scripture

Jennifer Perrine — On Fallibility

Nancy Naomi Carlson — The Smoke that Bore Us (Translation of Rene Char's "Cette Fumee Qui Nous Portait")

Ciaran Berry — Burned Things

Louisa Diodato — Cockleshells

Mario Chard — Prosthetic

Patrick Ryan Frank — A Runner Stumbles

Nandi Comer — Chicken

Niamh Corcoran — Acyanoblepsia (the non-perception of blue)

Shireen Madon — From a Terrarium

Farid Matuk — Say Providence ×€ Letter from a Birmingham Jail

Erin Ganaway — Meds

Susan Briante — May 14 The Dow Closes Down 10620

Nance Van Winckel — Unable to Sort the Sad from the Snaggle-Toothed

Molly Curtis — Elegy

Angie Macri — Hephaestus's Fire ×€ Thebes Courthouse

Nicole Sealey — Unframed

Laura Donnelly — Driving Home to Sirens

Anthony Frame — Prayers

Mal Westcott — Interpreting Crop Circles

Todd Davis — Hermetic

Katie Ford — We Do Not Know What We Know


Mariko Nagai — Excerpt from Imaginary Death

Christina LaRose — What Prison Is to the Body


Jonathan Starke — Stitches


Joe Fassler — Interview with Donald Ray Pollock



Beautiful Country

Robert Wrigley

Reviewed by Andrew MacFadyen-Ketchum

The Name of the Nearest River

Alex Taylor

Reviewed by Emily J. Stinson

American Amen

Gary L. McDowell

Reviewed by Shana Wolstein


Editor: Emily J. Stinson

Managing Editor: Krystal Howard

Layout Editors: Shana Wolstein, Emily J. Stinson

Drama Editor: Mickey Moses

Nonfiction Editor: Eileen Wiedbrauk

Poetry Editor: Natalie Giarratano 

Fiction Editors: Brandon D. Jennings, David Johnson


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