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Spring 2009


Brandon Shimoda -- Little Grace

Shana Youngdahl -- Help Manual from Great Grandmother’s Bookshelf

Adam Day -- Smoke

Donald Platt -- What Form Shall the Soul Take?
Lord Now

Patrick Culliton -- Winter Heritage

Michelle Gil-Montero -- Charcoal

Eric Kocher -- Séance for the Living
                          The Poem Where You End

Collier Nogues -- Bad September

Larissa Szporluk -- Tadpole
                                   Water Bears

F. Daniel Rzicznek -- Greenbottle Tortures a Thief
                                       Pugilistic Attitudes

Tyler Caroline Mills -- Performance

Zachary Schomburg -- 4 Poems from The Pond

Kazim Ali -- december hour

Jennifer Perrine -- This Animal Self

Cheryl Clark Vermeulen -- Complete with Blue Flowers

Christopher DeWeese -- Folksong
Poem for the Buzzard

Rebekah Silverman -- Why But Not Why
Why But Not Who

Mary Biddinger -- Saint Monica Composes a Five-Paragraph
          Essay on Girad’s Theory of Triangular Desire

Susan Rich -- Hunger is the Best Cook

Candace Black -- Fitzroy Road

Lisa Gluskin -- Married Sex

Michael Homolka -- Upstate with My Father after the Divorce

Hannah Gamble -- The Birthday

Trey Moody -- The Listener, the Land

Scott Alexander Jones-- The Ambulance Driver Assures Us
       Self-Infllicted Says Nothing of Intention

Matthew Gavin Frank -- The Morrow Plots

Margret Grebowicz -- Thousands of Études

Alex Lemon -- It Had Only Been Dead a Few Hours
California Hates You


Bonnie Jo Campbell -- Somewhere Warm

Brett Finlayson -- City-Love

Albert Waitt -- You Open Your Door

Justin Jainchill -- Fashionista

Mark Polanzak -- Gracie

Michael Hinken -- Stalin, Friend of the Sparrow


Scott Wrobel -- How Not to Write a Personal Essay for Freshman Composition

Ira Sukrungruang -- For the Novice Bird Watcher


Michael Patrick Thornton -- The Princess and the Bear


  The Books of Sleep
by Eleanor Stanford
Reviewed by
Kristina Marie Darling

  Incident at the Edge of Bayonet Woods
by Paula Bohince
Reviewed by
Jennifer Malesich

  The Most of It
by Mary Ruefle
Reviewed by
Valerie Pell

  Shimming the Glass House
by Helen Pruitt Wallace
Reviewed by
Laura Donnelly

  The End
by Chris Carter Salvatore Scibona

Rachel Swearingen | Chris Carter

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