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Fall 2006

Cover Art: Derek Van Gieson
Front: As if I Walked Away
, 24’’x 24’’, oil on oak (from the collection of Becky Cooper)

Back: The Colony, 24’’x 24’’, oil on oak (from the collection of Rob Chamberlain)


Heather Christle—Stroking My Head with My Deception Stick

George Looney—A Couple Flirts at a Public Masters’ Violin Lesson Chautauqua, New York| Ode in Someone Else’s Voice

Sara Michas-Martin—Elegy

Catherine Pierce—Epithalamium

Jen Town—The Woman in the Green Dress

Julie Funderburk—Allegory of the Buck

Monica Berlin—Attached to Hands

Jhoanna S. Aberia—Flayed

Shelley Puhak—The Dictator’s Daughter from a Nursing Home in Wisconsin

Christopher Matthews—Go West, Only Child

Dennis Hinrichsen—Crazy Horse Mountain

Megan Gannon—Selenographia| She Wearies of Wise Children

Nance Van Winckel—Gothic Times on Printer’s Row| The Last Words of the Dream Were the Ones that Woke Me (Gothic Dream Sky)

Heather June Gibbons—Poppy that My Heart Was| No Daughter

Josh Waellert—After the Fall

Mark DeCarteret—Sequel

Robin Behn—Reading in the Yellow House| The Yellow House as God
Sarah Sloat—The Problem with Everything| For Luisa, Waiting to Be Fetched

Morgan Grayce Willow—Ghazal #6—The Maps Are Words

Alexander Long—Still Life with Kafka Checking His Watch, Missing His Train

Ryan G. Van Cleave—The Mortician’s Son, a Week into His New Job

David Koehn—The Shallows, Commons Beach| Under the Front Porch

David Welch—Poem in Which I Make the Mistake of Thinking of Reconciliation While Watching a Spaghetti Western

Andy Young—Nothing Cries Out| Lower Nine


Richard Dokey—O, Brother!

Laura van den Berg—Twinflower

Amanda Coplin—The Orchardist

Tatjana Soli—The Girl in the Picture

John Holman—Second Fire

Donald Ray Pollock—Lard

Creative Nonfiction

Julie Wade—Bouquet

Stephen G. Bloom—Anna Elena’s Tongue


Rick Mitchell—Reptiles of the Mind


Ann Przyzycki—An Interview with Josip Novakovich

Recommended Books

The Life and Work of Vaclav Havel

Steve Feffer

Pretty Little Dirty

Amanda Boyden
Reviewed by Kim Knutsen

Less of Her: Poems, Like Family: Growing Up in Other People’s Houses, a Memoir, Stumble, Gorgeous: Poems

Paula McClain
Reviewed by Elizabeth Marzoni

On Having a Heart Attack: a Medical Memoir

William O’Rourke
Reviewed by Diether Haenicke

A Beirut Heart: One Woman’s War

Cathy Sultan
Reviewed by Anna Redsand

New Orleans, Mon Amour: Twenty Years of Writing from the City

Andrei Condrescu
Reviewed by Richard Katrovas

Editor: Peter Geye
Managing Editor: Ann Przyzycki
Fiction Editors: Kelly Daniels, Vincent Reusch
Poetry Editors: Melanie Crow, Jason Olsen
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Erin Huskey
Drama Editor: Kevin Drzakowski

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