Fall 1997

Cover Art: Jan Reeves
Front: Sentinel, Painting, 72’’x 48’’, encaustic on canvas
The Machine, Painting, 72’’x 78’’, oil on canvas


Chase Twichell—Animal Languages | Makeshifts | Altars | The Wars

David Wojahn—Nailhead, 1944 | Word Horde Against the Gnostics | Dirge with Proofs | Firstborn of Egypt

Joelle Biele—Bolinas

Russell Thorburn—Einstein in Paris | Einstein in Paris II

Tomaz Salamun—The Walk | Schooling

J. Robert Lennon—For the Latest Ascendant Hero

Claire Bateman—Underwater in the Orthopedic Waiting Room | Blessing Song

Dean Young—The Velvet Underground | Mortal Poem

Denise Duhamel—A Kissing | Playa Naturista

Marc J. Sheehan—We Were in Agreement

C. Mikal Oness—Circe’s This Craft

Page Dougherty Delano—Pregnant in Kentucky | Merchant’s Wife Drinking Tea, 1918

Gordon Massman—511

Scott Withiam—Improving Conditions | Proportions

Marsha de la O—The Stranger | The Jaguar Hag | The Cliff-jumping Club


Susan Weinberg—Twist ‘n’ Turn: A Memoir


Lisa Lenzo—Burning

Michael Azre—I Am He, As You Are He, As You Are Me, And We Are All Together

Ron Nyren—Ablutions

Marcia V. Stucki—Falling Away

Lorna Nyenhuis Cook—The Whole World

Sarah Freligh—Other Emergencies

John Minichillo—Department of Cemeteries

Shelley Stenhouse—Green-Back-A-Dollar

Becky Bradway—Ellie’s Shed

Managing Editor: Theresa Coty O’Neil
Business Manager: Michele McLaughlin
Fiction Editors: Heidi Bell and Carla Vissers
Poetry Editors: Jeff Greer and Pablo Peschiera


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English Department
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