Fall 2012

Cover Art: Felicia Olin

Front: Poppy Field, 24" x 36", Acrylic and Collage on Board

Back: Release, 18" x 24", Acrylic and Collage on Board



Claudia Cortese - Witch's Love Song / If Doctors Say You'll Die Soon, Go To The Carnival

Josiah Bancroft - Last Days of the Devil

Scott Brennan - The Birds

Maggie Millner - Fish Story

Tory Adkisson - Aubade on the Operating Table

Emilia Phillips - Teratoma

Christina Cook - Postmortem / 22 Declarations of Purity

Kara van de Graaf - Floating Girl

Jung Hae Chae - Dream of the Forest Inside Desert

Corey Van Landingham - What You Erase Knits Back Together / Tabernacle for an Adolescence

Fady Joudah - Water Proof / Border

Anna Akhmatova - Voronezh / [When a Man Dies]

Katie Farris and Ilya Kaminsky - Writing in Arabic Through French: On Venus Khoury-Gata's Work

Kyle McCord - On String Theory and Other Problems of the Heart

Wendy Xu - Here in This New Place is Your Memory

Nina Puro - Insulation, with Asbestos Exposed

Marcus Wicker - Trash Night Compline

Ryan Teitman - Russia House

Nick McRae - Isaiah

John-Michael Bloomquist - Harvest

Brett Harrington - Elegy



Marian Crotty - The Fourth Fattest Girl at Cutting Horse Ranch

Joseph Celizic - Bullets

Amy Yolanda Castillo - Gratis

Cote Smith - Find Bones

CJ Hauser - Abandoned Cars


Creative Nonfiction

Mark Beaver - Taxidermy

Sarah Terez Rosenblum - Fake Girlfriend

Rachel Toliver - My Summer Disease



Jane Prendergast - NOLA Goodbye


Recommended Books

Slur Oeuvre

James D'Agostino

Reviewed by Franklin K. R. Cline



Editor: Emily J. Stinson

Managing Editors: Scott M. Bade, Elizabyth A. Hiscox

Drama Editor: Mickey Moses

Fiction Editors: Brandon Davis Jennings, Andy Wickenden

Nonfiction Editor: Elissa Cahn

Poetry Editors: Traci Brimhall, Krystal Howard


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