Fall 2003

Cover Art:
Front: Susan Davidoff, Regiones Botanicas de la Tierra Antilles #1, 5/48, lithograph with hand applied dirt and collage, 42’’x 29.5’’
Back: Pierre Alechynski,
Untitled, 77/150, black and white woodcut, 23.5’’x 19.75’’


Julianna Baggott—Q and A: Why don’t you write formal poetry?| Q and A: Don’t poets just write the same poem over and over?| The Stolen Poem: My Brother Poem after Levine’s “What Work Is”| Poetry in the Suburbs

Bridgette Bates—It Is on a Big River| The Olympic Room

Eric Chock—As Tears Go By| Things your mother told you not to do, or else…

Marisa de los Santos—Getting the Body Back| After the Unimaginable| New Mother| The Work of Marriage

Kimberly Blaeser—Drawing Breath| Fantasies of Women| Seasonal

Francesca Abbatte—Oblique| Dear Now| Dear Gone

Paul Hoover—The Interleaving| Gravity’s Children

Ricardo Pau-Llosa—Crumpled Paper

Elizabeth McLagan—Letter from St. Nicholas Church, Prague

Jayson Iwen—2| 4| 5

Richard Jackson—The Boy That Was in Me

Lisa Furmanski—Pantheon

Susan Firer—A Few Sentimental Bombs & One Bindi of Sun| The Luminosity Equation


Suzanne Rivecca—Flying Fathers

Peter Orner—A Waukegan Story

Moira Crone—Seams

Lee Martin—Assisted Living

Orman Day—No Dressing

Evan Kuhlman Petee—The Summer of My Disco Tent

Michelle Boyajian—Like Wildfire

Michael Czyzniejewski—To Be Walker

Creative Nonfiction

Mary Morris—Sense of Direction: Lost and Found


Kirsten Hemmy—An Interview With, and Three Poems by, Ralph Angel

Recommended Books

Lavish Absence: Recalling and Rereading Edmond Jabes

Rosmarie Waldrop
Reviewed by Cynthia Running-Johnson

What I Saw: Reports from Berlin, 1920-1933
Joseph Roth, translated with an introduction by Michael Hoffman
Reviewed by Peter Blickle

Holocaust Girls: History, Memory & Other Obsessions
S.L. Wisenberg
Reviewed by Glenn Deutsch

Regarding the Pain of Others
Susan Sontag;
The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle
Haruki Murakami, translated by Jay Rubin;
Haruki Murakami, translated by Alfred Birnbaum and Philip Gabriel;
After the Quake: Stories
Haruki Murakami, translated by Jay Rubin
Reviewed by Peter Patau

Drinking Coffee Elsewhere
ZZ Packer
Reviewed by Gina Betcher

I Am Not Jackson Pollock
John Haskell
Reviewed by Kurt Haenicke

Miracle Fruit
Aimee Nezhukumatithil
Reviewed by J. Gabriel Scala

Traveling at High Speeds
John Rybicki;
Yellow-Haired Girl with Spider
John Rybicki
Reviewed by Cody Todd

Whatever Shines
Kathleen McGookey
Reviewed by Roy Seeger

Managing Editor: Glenn Deutsch
Business Manager: Michele McLaughlin
Fiction Editors: Arlie Dorsch and Jason Skipper
Poetry Editor: Kristen Hemmy
Creative Nonfiction Editor: Sean Hoen

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